Teach your child to breathe to help control their emotions

Young boy practicing yogic breathing to control emotions

Teach your child to breathe: How to help them control emotions As parents and grown-ups, it is our responsibility to help the children in our lives learn how to manage their emotions. One of the best ways to do this is by teaching them how to breathe properly. Proper breathing can help children calm down…

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Climbing: A Fun Path to Stronger Bones in Children

Kidzplay Shipley soft play frame tower

As children grow, it is essential to provide them with opportunities for physical activities that promote their overall development. While traditional sports like football, rugby, hockey and tennis are popular choices, one activity often overlooked is climbing. Climbing whether outside on a rock face or on our awesome play frames, is not only an exciting,…

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Kidzplay & Little Bees, a successful female-led business

Proud to be the female-lead for a successful business, which provides a valuable service to children and grown-ups International Women’s Day is a great reminder and an opportunity to celebrate the successes and achievements of all the women in our lives. I’m proud that Kidzplay & Little Bees benefits from a strong team of women…

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