Kidzplay Activity Box Trade

What's In A Kidzplay Play Box?

Kidzplay Play Box is a activity box for pre-schoolers (with adult help) to age 8, fun activities to make and do together. Each item is thoughtfully selected or designed to encourage non screen time, improve fine motor skills, communication, concentration and mark making. Each box contains everything you need to complete all the activities so there is less waste and more play time.


All In The Box

Each Box Contains Everything You Need To Complete All The Activities. No More Rummaging Around The Cupboards Or Trawling The Internet For Ideas. You Are Ready To Play Instantly


Learn Through Play

Our Whole Team of Educationalists lend a hand in the creative process, brainstorming themes and ideas to keep children engaged and learning all the time.

Kids Seal Of Approval

All the Activities have been tried and tested with Kids Everywhere so we can guarantee your child will love all the activities in every box

The Full Range Of Trade Activity Boxes:

Kidzplay Activity Boxes can be retailed, or there to support special annual events, also enable you to run your own workshops to drive footfall to your venue or simply give as a gift to your customers

Event Boxes:


Not every Box contains an Egg at Easter. Learn about growth and new life, with eggs, chickens and the Easter Bunny


Looking for a child friendly activity alternative to carving pumpkins? Learn about pumpkins and why they are connected to Halloween


Understand how trees grow, Create decorations for your home and make Christmas cards to share with your family

Seasonal Boxes:

Nature Spring

Learn about the world of Bees. With paper flowers, growing a sunflower and learning about the bees life cycle

Nature Summer

Butterflies in your garden have an important role in pollinating the flowers. Make and insect feeder for your garden to help them help us

Nature Autumn

As the leaves turn from green to orange, discover the creatures who live in your garden, learn about hedgehogs and help them survive

Nature Winter

Explore what happens in your garden in the winter months. Learn about the changing season and how birds find food.

Topic Boxes:

The Ocean

Discover the world under the sea and how we can support the creatures who live there by reducing plastic


Support your child's wellbeing. In A world where we are on to the go constantly, allow your child to explore and provide space for mindfulness and nature


Learn about Dinosaurs. Search for fossils and dig the dinosaur out of the egg

On the Farm

Who lives on the farm?Discover animals and their babies, Learn how milk transforms to butter, Create your own handprint art.

Travel and Explore

This Summer travel to the seaside and explore the beach. Learn about the creatures in the sea and learn about fossils.

Space Travel

Travel into Space and explore the planets. Journey into the night sky and learn about stars

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