Our Story

Why we do what we do


My family is large, I have 2 stepchildren and two of my own plus a niece and 3 nephews. I have spent alot of time either being at a party, planning a party or looking after a number of children so I have visited the best and the worst of the children’s venues out there.

I wanted to create a haven for adults where you know you can come without worrying how your child will behave, what would they eat knowing that they will be fully catered for so you can relax and have some chillout time.

When my kids were little I also craved some adult company, when my husband was at work all day I sometimes needed a second pair of hands to help or simply a change of scenery to lift me to carry on for the rest of the day. Pre school kids are great fun but tidying up after them is not. Here at Kidzplay you can met your friends or come on your own knowing you don’t have any tidying up to do after.

Kidzplay Vision / Mission

A place for kids and adults to come and have fun whatever the weather

To become the largest local children’s entertainment centre in the UK where we make sure that both the adults and the children feel really special, have fun, are looked after in a really safe and secure adventure playground.

What does Kidzplay do?
Provides an indoor play environment so young kids can play independently of the adults, can experience climbing, crawling, sliding, running, jumping, hiding, socialising, singing, dancing, either on their own or with a bunch of other kids whatever the weather.
Entertain one or lots of children at once so the adult doesn’t have to cook, clean, tidy, entertain, and wash up after them.
Gives the adult some time to socialise with other adults or to play with their child, without having to worry about food and tidying up.
We have the facilities for nappy changing, potty training, baby feeding so they don’t have to worry about bringing everything they need.
We have lots of classes so the kids can try out different skills at a low cost
Keep our promises
Has a meticulous approach to safety and the security of children

Kidzplay Core Values

1. Make the adult and the child feel special when they visit Kidzplay.
2. Keep everyone safe and secure who visits Kidzplay
3. Only produce food we would serve to our children
4. Develop the most environmentally friendly way of working. Encourage recycling and environmentally friendly products.
5. Giving back to the community. Giving to the local schools for fundraising, supporting children’s charities, children in care and with special needs
6. Be value for money at all times
7. Have a great play experience that appeals to all ages at all times
8. Encourage active play
9. Encourage both adults and children to participate in the play experience and develop the parental bonds
10. Provide a community hub that brings like-minded people together so they can socialise and interact.
11. To be a great team that cares passionately about what we do and strives for the highest possible standards
12. To respect the contracted working hours and our team’s life balance. Kidzplay demands commitment to its ethics and ethos but respects our team’s time away from work.
13. To treat everyone fairly and with respect at all times.

See you Soon