Kidzplay Christmas Activity Box

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Kidzplay Christmas Activity Box

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Create Christmas memories and educate.
4 activities to celebrate the Christmas season with your child.

Make your own small tree, create a Christmas tree decoration and plant seeds to grow your own tree in time for next Christmas (may take a little longer to grow something large enough to decorate)




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Inner Box Contents

Box Activities:

Christmas Activity box


Celebrate the Christmas season with our activity box. Full of activities to take you on a learning journey about why we have Christmas trees.

Traditions are an important part of Christmas, whether it’s a visit to the pantomime, making decorations and decorating the tree, or enjoying time with family and friends.

Explore the traditions of Christmas. Learn about why Christmas trees have become a central part of the season, originally brought to England by the Royal family.


Make your own small tree, create a Christmas tree decoration and plant seeds to grow your own tree in time for next Christmas (may take a little longer to grow something large enough to decorate)

Create Christmas memories and educate
4 activities to celebrate the Christmas season with your child

Learn through play with our Christmas Activity Box

  • Grow your own Christmas tree
  • Make a pine cone decoration
  • Paper Plate Christmas Activity
  • Make your own Christmas cards with stencils and sponge

Enable your child to engage with Christmas through this educational Christmas journey of learning through play. Develop and understand how trees grow, create decorations for your home and make Christmas cards to share with your family.

With a step by step guide to each activity, there are discussion points you can have with your child so they learn through play.

Our Christmas Activity box includes:-

The box contains 4 activities to create, make and learn about Christmas and how Christmas trees became important in Victorian England.

  • Grow from a seed your own Christmas tree
  • Using a pine cone and log slice, paint and create a Christmas tree
  • Make your own Christmas card with stencils and sponge
  • Transform a simple paper plate into a Christmas tree


  • •Tissue paper squares
  • •Pine cone
  • •Log slice
  • •Pompoms
  • •Glitter
  • •Blank Christmas card
  • •Sponge dabber
  • •Paper plate
  • •Grow your own Christmas tree
  • •Activity sheets
  • •Scissors
  • •Glue
  • •Glue spreader
  • •Washable paint


What’s inside a the box

With MAKE, PAINT and CREATE activities and all the utensils you need to complete the activities so you simply open and play.

The box includes explanations for each activity, hints and tips on how to make your child’s play experience develop and space to enjoy time together, as you share and create crafts together, with all you need in one box.

What you and your child will get from this awesome collection of activities:

  • Develop stages of learning, with craft activities helping your child to express themselves, build self- esteem and create a shared learning experience
  • Build confidence with Sensory Activities learning independent play skills, imaginary play and tactile learning
  • Grow communication skills, learning about numbers and understanding of the world around them.

Most importantly, quality time spent with your child.


What is a Kidzplay Play Box?:

The playbox is a collection of related activities that you and your child will love to do. It contains all the resources necessary to complete all the activities in the box, from the printed sheets to the individual pots of paint and glue. The paint is washable, non toxic and gluten free, the glue is the best quality glue available specially formulated for young creators, which is fully washable and easily removed from small hands or hair! The box contains paint brush, crayons, scissors (adult supervision required) – everything you need to complete the activity.










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All Paint and Glue is Fully Washable, Non Toxic, Gluten Free, No Hassle Solutions

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Kidzplay Christmas Activity Box