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This is why Children ❤️ a Kidzplay Activity Box
Make and Create a Flag, an aeroplane for the flypast and a soldier puppet, Plant tree seed from Sandringham Estate to Mark the Occasion. Learn all about the Jubilee and why it is so special
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Everything is in the Box

Simply Open and Play with our Kidzplay Activity Boxes
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Big Fun Little Effort

Everything is templated and provided for you so you don't have to go scrolling the internet for ideas or rummaging in cupboards for all the resources you need. There's no need for your house to become an arts and crafts dept either ☺️

Single Use Plastic FREE

All our packaging is either recyclable, bio-degradable or compostable. Our activity sheets are printed on recycled paper. Our paint is toxic free, fully washable and gluten free. Everythign in the box is single use plastic free

Simply Open and Play

Literally everything is in the box, including the kids scissors, paintbrush and glue spreader* so you can simply open and play. The box is great for taking away with you, particularly loved by Grandparents as they can participate too

Screen Free Activities

All the activities are designed to be good old fashioned arts and crafts, bringing back the nostalgia of when you used to do crafts with your parents or grandparents. All the activities encourage fine motor skills and help with hand eye co-ordination

Fun for all the Family

Everyone can join in, and if you have older kids they can help supervise the younger ones in completing the activities. This will bring a couple of hours peace particularly on a rainy inside day.

Learn and Play

The box contains answers to the "why" questions that are an inevitable part of being a parent. Answering will be effortless as you can simply read the parent prompts we provide as part of the activities 😉

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