Kidzplay Boroughbridge

Kidzplay Boroughbridge

Is small and cosy indoor play centre with a warm welcome. It is really easy to keep an eye on your children at this centre making it ideal for little ones.We have indoor climbing frames, activities and classes , a cafe and great parties for the under 7’s.

With Free Wifi, loads of seating and great home-cooked food you will be able to take a well earned rest while your child plays independently in the frames, or going down the slides, or in the football pitch, or takes a class, or dances in our disco area, or does some messy play….. the choice is endless. There are no time limits and we don’t charge for adults either so you can stay as long as you like making it a great value day out!!

What are the facilities?

Indoor Soft Play Boroughbridge

Indoor Soft Play Boroughbridge

At Boroughbridge we have a high level frame that is accessible to all. In our under 2’s area we have a soft side so babies can slide down without banging their heads on the plastic sides of a slide and a large ball pool for them to kick about in. We have lots of seating for the adults and you are able to see your child from your seat so it means  you can sit down while they play.

The height of Boroughbridge lends itself beautifully to the laser parties we regularly hold. The Under 2’s area is separated giving two “dens” within which battle commences.

We have two activity areas so we hold lots of classes and do arts and crafts with the children.

Boroughbridge is a compact site with two large shutter doors. For young children this is great, you can always see them from wherever you are. The shutter doors mean that when the weather is good we can open up the centre to the outdoors. The kids can play in the shade whilst you can bask in the sunlight – from the comfort of your chair!

Homemade Food made by great chefs with no compromise on Quality

tuna salad

Salad specials are Available

We have a lovely cafe area and serve proper lattes, cappuccinos as well as a range of teas. Being parents ourselves we know how important it is to serve good food. All our chicken nuggets and fishfingers are homemade and cooked from fresh not frozen. They are simply chicken or fish, eggs and flour, no added salt or preservatives. The sausages are from the local butcher. The pizzas are homemade, the sauce contains no salt or sugar. We don’t compromise on anything, we serve heinz tomato ketchup, heinz baked beans and robinsons blackcurrant cordial and have the full range of fruit shoots and flavoured water to choose from. For you there’s the choice of paninis, superfood salads, wraps, butties, cakes and if you fancy a treat proper thick cut chips!

Is it clean?

Yes – Cleaning is a priority and we regularly clean the carpets and the ball pools. We also repaint and repair and have the frame inspected and maintained

Kidzplay Boroughbridge

7 Becklands Close
Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire YO51 9NR
Phone: 0843 289 4620

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We Close August Bank Holiday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day. We are open at all other times

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