Kidzplay Activity Box

Our activity boxes contain screen-free activities for shared fun with the family. Designed to inspire a lifelong love of nature and the importance of conserving it, the activities give learning opportunities and develop your child's emotional well-being.

Fun activities for the whole family!

Each of the activities are designed to be easily completed with more than one child, so the whole family can join in. We give step by step instructions and give you the tools to expand your child's thirst and knowledge.

Any box for nature walk

Activities for indoor and out! Whether its sunny or raining our boxes contain nature themed activities for any occasion!

Tree Box

All our products are eco-friendly and designed to reduce plastic use. No single use plastic is used to create the product and we are passionate about teaching children a love of nature and preserving the environment


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Kidzplay Nature Boxes

Bee Activity Box

Why are bees so important? And what do they do? Learn all about the bee, understand why bees make honey and encourage them to visit your garden!

Bug Activity Box

The mission for little explorers is to learn about the big world of bugs. Build them a home to keep them safe, monitor their movements and growth.

Bird Activity Box

Become an expert bird spotter as you watch and count the visitors to your garden. Make a handmade feeder and watch them soar through the sky with your crafted binoculars.

Flower Activity Box

Bring your own garden to life by planting your own vibrant flowers. Learn how to make perfume and a bookmark from your flowers!

Tree Activity Box

Trees are the foundations for human life, try to identify different kinds while experiencing nature with your family. Find out which different animals live in trees & take bark rubbings!

What our customers say...

My children loved their activity boxes! Kept them entertained for hours and it was great to see them doing activities together!


Jubilee Box Customer