Meet The Kidzplay Team

We are passionate about delivering quality play experiences that you can both visit or have at home. We are here to make it easy for you to enjoy quality time with your kids.



Lisa Mee

14 Years and counting of owning and running Kidzplay. Kidzplay has morphed over that time from being a simply soft play centre in Harrogate to delivering play experiences at home and in centre


Play Centre Operations Director

Debs Whitwell

Debs is responsible for delivering the play experience in the play centres and is the point of contact for anything to do with the play centre business. She is passionate about the team and customer service.


Play Consultant

Lesley Watson

Lesley is our font of all knowledge about Children's Play. She has been a passionate advocator for the importance of play and has run very successful nurseries. We are now really lucky to have her as our play mentor to inspire our creations.

Why We Do What We Do

I started out on this journey when my kids were 1 and 2 years old and the play provision for them was non-existent in Harrogate at the time. Since then we have developed the play experience as it is today, focusing on giving kids the opportunity of experiencing all different types of play within the centre.

We have always wanted the play centres to be a good community space for all to share, however, Debs now takes this to a new level with her teams. We are totally committed to recycling and becoming zero waste venues, committed to developing young people through our in-house training schemes and apprenticeships. Giving kids the best time, Mums some much-needed rest and catch-up social time is our reason for being.

Lesley has been one of my best friends since we met at a baby group many moons ago. What she doesn't know about kids playing and development could be written on a postage stamp. Her knowledge, expertise and ideas have transformed our play experience because we can now "explain the why". Why is that piece of play equipment crucial to a child's development? As a team, we are fully committed to "explaining the why". It gives you a great insight into your child, why they are behaving as they are and how you can help.

We hope you really enjoy visiting our centres and playing with our products. Enjoy this time together, as a parent of now teenagers, I know just how quickly this time passes and we will do everything we can to make sure you can spend the time playing together

Lisa x