Business Systems available to licence

Kidzplay is the largest group of indoor soft play centres in Yorkshire with a number of business solutions created for the leisure industry. Founded in July 2007, the group has now expanded to three centres and we are actively looking for more partners.
Kidzplay has a number of business systems that we are looking to licence out and we offer a wide range of services to the leisure industry.

Mobile App

Give your customers the ability to take your centre with them every day…
After a nominal set up fee we will deliver you a branded app published on google play and iTunes that will allow you to communicate with your customers , sell tickets , launch a loyalty scheme, create instore “Scratch and Win” incentives and issue coupons. All this for a small monthly fee.

Membership Schemes

Get a fully automated membership today for your Venue.
Easy to see who has signed up, who has paid. Money paid straight into your bank account week in, week out, rain or shine.
How it works:
Customers sign up to paying a recurring membership fee to access your facilities. There are no contracts – as soon as they want to cancel their payment is cancelled. A small weekly fee is paid via PayPal, the PayPal fee is deducted and 88% of the fee is paid to you. There are no set up fees so you can be making money as soon as you agree to take Kidzplay memberships.

Membership to suit your business needs

We have loads of different memberships to choose from – Monday to Friday only, Annual Passes, weekly anytime and we can set up any Membership at any price you choose.

Your Customer can administer the membership totally online and via their phone. They can cancel, renew or change the terms of their membership. All the changes are reflected in the membership screens you can use to check who is currently a member and who isn’t.

Activity Membership Schemes

A unique proposition that allows you to run and promote tour own activity scheme for your customers, that helps develop pre-school kids and make them ready for school.
How it works
We provide a complete tailored Activity programme providing classes in sports, dance, gym, singing, make and create, baking and drama.
We provide you with all the class schedules, equipment and merchandise to ensure that you have all you need to deliver regular revenue and visitors. All they need to do is download the app and sign up for Kidzercize membership.

Online Party Booking and management system

Unlike other booking systems, this not only checks availability and allows customers to book parties 24 /7, it delivers you a complete management of the party from food planning to party bag selection. The Kidzplay system also enables you to sell tickets for events
How it works

Customers can check availability by site and by party type at any time, once booked they can administer their own party adding details of guest’s ages and food allergies. The system eliminates double bookings and provides a detailed planning tool that will provide all areas of your business with all the details they need to provide the best experience possible. The party label interface prints out two labels per guest to wear with n indication of any allergy and the 2nd provides an age specific label for the party bag.

Booking system that can handle multisite with multiple party options

Kidzplay has three centres and this system has been developed in house, to deal with the complexities of being a multisite operation, so whether you have multiple sites or plan to expand into the future, this system can fully accommodate your needs, now and in the future.

Back End Systems and Intranet

This tool is invaluable to our business, it is a complete system to run our centres, and it has password protected areas for managers, with turnover details, upload functionality so you don’t need to keep files of paper. It has sections of training videos and online training records for all aspects of the business
What it delivers
Dashboards on every aspect of the business
Daily, weekly and monthly checklists that are stored in the cloud
Cashing up and cash handling systems, along with till variance reports and detailed cash tracking
All employee details and clocking in records
Party booking system back end
Purchase order system

Become a Kidzplay Venue

We have a franchise and licensing programme so you can become part of the Kidzplay family. This allows new and existing centres to trade under the Kidzplay brand and take advantage of the website, social media, back end systems and the group buying potential with leading industry suppliers to deliver great value to your business and increased profitability

Whether you are starting out on the journey of a children’s activity business and want help with the right start, or you are an existing play centre who wants to take advantage of the business systems available please get in contact. We would love to help:

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