Take a look at the food and drink available at Kidzplay

We have a lovely cafe area and serve proper lattes, cappuccinos as well as a range of teas. Being parents ourselves we know how important it is to serve good food. All our chicken nuggets and fishfingers are homemade and cooked from fresh not frozen. They are simply chicken or fish, eggs and flour, no added salt or preservatives. The sausages are from the local butcher. The pizzas are homemade, the sauce contains no salt or sugar. We don’t compromise on anything, we serve heinz tomato ketchup, heinz baked beans and robinsons blackcurrant cordial and have the full range of fruit shoots and flavoured water to choose from. For you there’s the choice of paninis, super salads, wraps, butties, cakes and if you fancy a treat proper thick cut chips!