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The benefits of playing with play dough

Inspires imagination

Playing with Play Dough allows children to pretend and imagine lots of different things

Experience Textures

Feeling different textures in our hands allows us to develop our sense of touch

Develop motor skills

Moving the Play Dough around, moulding it, shaping it all help to develop motor skills

Freedom of making a mess!

We actively enjoy children making a mess during our authentic play sessions! It allows the children to feel free to express themselves and to explore different elements of this multi-sensory play experience

Playdough monster

What's been said about previous Authentic Play sessions


Frozen Play - Leeds

Great way to break up the monotony of soft play (for me rather than the kids!) Good value for money. Activity was lovely!


Poitions Parent

It was brilliant! Lucy and Lesley were amazing. My little boy was completely engrossed in the potion-making for a full 50 minutes!


Really good session, well timed and run and my 3-year-old loved the mix of activity and play!


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