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Discovery Play and Den Play Classes are now in full swing as part of our PLAY: CLASS : EAT sessions!

We will be continuing to add the schedule, classes such as Arts and Crafts, Role Play, Doll Play, Treasure Baskets, Music and Skillabus.

Our aim is for you to be able to switch off and simply enjoy being with your child. Watching them run around enjoying their daily exercise, becoming fully immersed in a class of their choice and then tucking into a home-cooked kid's meal deal.

Class Times:

Morning and After School

Play Discovery Classes:

Authentic play is an excellent way for children to develop social and emotional skills; when children engage in unstructured play, they have the opportunity to interact with others and develop their social skills. Children learn to communicate, negotiate, share, and cooperate with others during play. They also learn to manage their emotions, develop empathy, and understand the feelings of others. These skills are essential for children to develop healthy relationships and emotional well-being.

As grown-ups we often want to jump in and resolve situations or offer solutions however part of the success of Authentic play is that your child learns to develop solutions for themselves.

We have many different classes, some of our favourites are below!

Water play authentic play class for children

Splish Splash Splosh

Give your child the opportunity to explore and experiment with water. Passing it through tubes, colour-changing activities, moving water from one place to another and experiencing the sensations associated with water play.

authentic play class for children where we create our very own perfumes and potions

Perfect Perfume

Perfect Perfumes Discovery Play class will provide your child with the opportunity to play and plodge with liquids, colours, scents and natural ingredients to develop their own scented concoction. Your child can explore and experiment with various liquids, measuring, pouring, stirring, mixing, adding colours, fragrances and other natural textures to their creation.


mixing, pouring, plodging and playing with ingredients to create gloopy gloop as part of our authentic play series

Gloopy Gloop

Your child's fine motor skills & hand-eye coordination improve as they manipulate gloop with various tools, forming their own unique creations. Gloopy Gloop encourages creativity, imagination, & problem-solving skills!

mini picasso's process art authentic play class gives your child the chance to experience creating art with a wide range of materials

Mini Picassos

The experience and process of creating art for your little ones is more important than the actual art they create. Your mini Picassos will be provided with a wide range of authentic materials from which to create their masterpieces. Ranging from natural materials; leaves, sticks and flowers, to chalk, spray water bottles, crayons and string. By providing a range of different materials, which all help to stimulate their imagination, your child will have the very best fun creating a work of art.

messing around in mud during an authentic play class for kids

Muddy Madness

Getting their hands dirty, planting and playing with mud, while developing their fine motor skills and sensory development is a super fun experience. Let your child discover the wonders of nature and the joy of getting messy with Muddy Madness.

beach themed authentic play class for children

Sandy Shores

Are you ready for some beachy fun? Join us for our Sandy Shores Discovery Play session, where your child can play and explore with sand just like they're at the beach! Watch as they interact with the sand, building castles, digging holes, and creating their own mini beach. Sandy Shores is an open-ended play experience that encourages creativity, imagination, and problem-solving skills, while developing fine motor skills and sensory development.

How The Sessions Work


We work in time to play when you arrive so the kids get chance to stretch their muscles on our extensive play frame, we then head into the activity!

This allows you to order a coffee and make say Hi to the other grown-ups before beginning the activity!

How Do The Sessions Work?

PLAY : CLASS : EAT lets you and your little ones experience an Authentic Play Discovery session, as well as time to run, hop and skip around our frame, giving them much-needed movement and exercise!

You are welcome into the centre at any point from the time shown on your booking. After time in the frame, your activity host will come over and let you know the activity is about to begin. We will gather the kids and you together to take you into a separate activity area and begin the fun!

Afterwards, it's time for the kids to be let loose on the play frame to run, climb, clamber and have fun on all the equipment. This is an ideal time to order your kids' meal deal that's included in the price of the PLAY : CLASS : EAT ticket

play class eat kidzplay and little bees gallery of polaroid pictures
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Benefits For Your Child

Sessions are designed to give your little ones a unique experience in play. Authentic and child led play is something that has become more and more scarce in the modern world.

Participating in open-ended play sessions can be a great way for children to develop a variety of skills and improve their overall well-being. During these sessions, children are encouraged to play without specific goals or instructions, which helps to foster their creativity and imagination. Additionally, open-ended play often involves interaction with others, which can enhance children's social and emotional development. Through exploring and experimenting with different materials and activities, children can also develop cognitive and physical skills, which can boost their confidence and self-esteem. Overall, open-ended play can provide a fun and enriching experience for children that promotes their holistic development.

Your Role In The Session

The role of the parent in open-ended play sessions is to provide support and guidance while allowing their child to lead the play and explore at their own pace. This can help to promote their child's development and enhance their overall play experience. Authentic play is child-led and it's important to let them experience and learn at their own pace, this might not look like much from an adult’s point of view, but each movement, step and thought involved in the play all helps to advance and grow a child’s learning and development.

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What They Cost

PLAY : CLASS : EAT - £9.50

Each Centre, Monday to Friday, runs 2 sessions a day during the summer at 9am and 3:30pm

You can book either to Play Only, Or book the Option PLAY : CLASS : EAT.

The session includes play on the frame, the class and then a kids' meal deal so you can really make a morning or afternoon of your visit.

Each week we will have a different type of class to choose from, so you can pick a time that is good for you and come every week at the same time.

This is really good for kids, they see the same faces every week, and good for you to meet up with other adults every week.

play class eat shipley gallery of polaroid pictures

What's Been Said About Previous Class Play Sessions


Pyjama Party Den Play Parent

My grandsons were booked in for the play session (making dens) it was worth every penny they loved it even the youngest (22 months) enjoyed it. The lady was very friendly with them and the hot chocolate and popcorn was a lovely surprise they wanted to stay all day. I will definitely be booking them in again


Potions Parent

It was brilliant! Lucy and Lesley were amazing. My little boy was completely engrossed in the potion-making for a full 50 minutes!


Potions Parent

Absolutely loved the session, the lady who ran it was super! Can't wait to come back


Splish Splash Splosh Discovery Play Parent

Lesley who was running the water activities was lovely. The kids loved it!


Mini Picassos Discovery Play Parent

Great idea
My Daughter loved it .
Lots of time for her to be creative whilst learning at the same time.

Happy Parent

Potions - Harrogate

The staff were so engaging. In particular, the lady running the potions messy play was so friendly ...she made sure I didn’t worry about my daughter making mess so it made for a very relaxing session


Frozen Play - Leeds

Great way to break up the monotony of soft play (for me rather than the kids!) Good value for money. Activity was lovely!


Mini Picassos Discovery Play Parent
Amazing session as always and great workshop experience for Benjamin.


Dough Delight Leeds
I love this so much!!! So did my 16 & 20 month granddaughters. Great sensory session, will definitely be back for great soft play, sensory stimulation and great coffee. The girls had a ball, thank you xx 


Really good session, well timed and run and my 3-year-old loved the mix of activity and play!

Spending Time With Your Children Is Something You Never Regret