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How do you manage a playcentre when you cannot be in two places at once?

I am sure you agree that making the move from two to three play centres definitely stretches you and highlights any issues you have in your systems. You go from interviewing everyone, training everyone, knowing exactly what is going on in every centre to overnight being pushed and pulled and lots of directions, and their…

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Let’s start to run your own Kids Classes

Why on earth as an indoor play centre owner would you want to branch out and run your own classes in your centre? With running the centre, the health and safety, the cleaning, running the café, sorting parties, answering the phone, serving customers , dealing with problems, why burden yourself even further? Because running classes…

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5 Easy Ways To Get A Full Party Diary

We can all agree I think, that a full party diary makes a play centre owner very happy. With guaranteed money from the parties, the increase in café revenue and the added bonus that parties bring in customers that have never visited before (I absolutely love this), a full party diary makes for a great…

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Imagine making money whatever the weather

We all know that being in the indoor play centre business is great when it rains. We all make money, and if it rains during a school holiday or a weekend, then it’s fantastic, a real bumper day! However, just what do you do when the sun is shining relentlessly and all your customers are…

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5 Reasons to visit a kids play centre

indoor soft play

Let’s face it, keeping young children occupied on a rainy day can be hard work! A few hours in a stimulating, safe, clean soft play area can make all the difference when your kids need to burn off some energy on a cold or rainy day. Here are my five reasons for visiting an indoor…

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Kids Party Ideas

Kids Essential Party Guide

Want Ideas for your Kids Party? It’s nearly party time and it can be difficult choosing from all the Kids parties options that are out there. You can go to all the trouble of renting a church hall, hiring an entertainer, doing the food and the party bags or simply have a party at home.…

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