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Adventure Babies is coming to Little Bees!

We are delighted to welcome Adventure Babies to Little Bees Leeds!

This unique and exciting session combines sensory play and story time to create an experience for your little ones that they will love!

And don't forget, your child will get some time to play on our amazing soft play frame as well!

All for just £10 per child (up to 2 adults per child are welcome)

What is it?

A combination of sensory play and story time that brings books to life for you and your little ones! Enjoy the bonding experience of snuggling up with a good book, hearing, seeing, feeling and smelling the different characters who tell the story. Explore our sensory activities and take home brilliant ideas to support your little one in their development!

Who is it for?

Our Adventure Babies session is designed for a mixed-aged class, any baby or toddler up to the age of 4 will enjoy the session for different reasons.

It is an interactive class, with parents sitting and going through the book with their little one. It really gives you a place to bond and develop a love for stories together!

When is it?

Adventure Babies session will be in Little Bees Leeds on 27th March 2023 and 17th April 2023, at 10am

Book now to secure your place on this magical adventure of a children's class

Will my child enjoy it?

Absolutely and you will to!

Adventure Babies has been running award-winning baby and toddler classes since 2013 and have decades of experience in early years education! Our Adventure Babies host, Roshni, has successfully run the classes across North Leeds and delighted many mums & tots!

Our activity room provides the perfect environment for these classes! Combining the best in sensory, visual and auditory play for little ones, the room and our session will bring stories to life for them!

Adventure babies class - sensory learning

Benefits for your baby?

Create a positive association with books and reading

Develop communication skills such as listening and vocabulary

Promote social development and thinking skills

Support attachment through shared activity

Support physical development such as fine and gross motor skills

Develop vision, hearing, touch and smell

Encourage imagination and a curious, inquiring mind

Benefits for you?

Take an active role in the development of your baby or child

Gain fun, easy ideas to make at home

Have fun with your baby or child

Enjoy messy play activities without having to clean up

Meet other parents


Can I find out more?

Click the button below to check out the Adventure Babies website to discover what makes these sessions so special and unmissable!

Don't delay! Book your slot and come on an adventure!

This is a really unique opportunity to do something totally different! You will get:

-A Wondrous Adventure Babies session hosted by Roshni, our local Adventure Babies leader

-Time in centre to run, skip, hop, jump, climb around our frame!

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