Party Bags – A Rough Guide to Kids Party Bags

Party Bags

Party BagsI cannot tell you just how many party bags I have made over the last 8 years since owning Kidzplay- we roughly make 500 bags a weekend so that is definitely alot of bags!!

This is my rough guide to making party bags:

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Making Party Bags for Under 3’s is incredibly difficult because most toys will be CE marked not suitable for Under 3’s when the content is clearly for an under 3. However I have always erred on the side of caution and not put a toy in that doesn’t carry the CE mark for the required Age. I work on the principle that every though you make think it suitable, your child may be more developed than others and who wants to be responsible for a child choking or being ill?

Suitable gifts are:
Soft Toys with their eyes sewn on rather than stuck on
Books – this is my favourite, you can really find some great (cheap) books that look really good
Bath bubbles, bath toys – Bath toys tend to be more suitable for under three’s because they usually have less moving parts

Suitable Sweets
Any sweets that under 3’s like, for example those without strong flavours. No lollies or anything that could hurt a child. We plump for chocolate, things like milky bar buttons are great.

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Girls and Boys three to four love loads of items in their party bags. You can really go to town, with bubbles, play dough,dressing up, purses, swords, necklaces, books, colouring – they love it all. I am more in favour at this age of not going with a theme, just because your three year old loves Peppa Pig, doesn’t mean everyone does and at this age they are inclined to simply throw it away if they don’t approve. By all means theme the tableware and decorations but really at this age they are more interested in the number of things than the toys themselves.

Again we steer clear of any lollipops and any thing that even remotely loks like a choking hazard. Jelly sweets are good though, it saves chocolate being smeared everywhere.

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This is where the theme’s are really great. really popular themes that have stood the test of time are Princess and Pirate as well as the current themes of Frozen, Minion, Superhero, Football.

For the Girls there is a wealth of princess themed products from colouring to tiaras to jewellery kits to rings and dressing up. The massive Frozen theme has meant you can get almost anything you can think of as frozen from bouncy balls to necklaces to colouring. I personally choose activity kits rather than plastic, I want to know their is some play value in what has been given. I also want the contents of the bag to be able to be played with without needing to be at home, so for example I always put in colouring pencils with a colouring book.

For the boys their are loads of things you can put in bags from soft footballs with football whistles to pirate dressing up with inflatable swords, to superhero masks with superhero colouring.

For sweets we put in Haribo tangtastics and supermix, the kids love them and they can be eaten with no mess.

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For the older Children I believe less is more and the contents of the bag don’t have to played with immediately. We generally go with one good quality toy that will be used, rather than bits of plastic that, at their age, will just be tossed away. There are lego sets, creative making sets, candle making, jewellery making, bath bombs, alien eggs, wooden jigsaw puzzles, footballs, wallets, necklaces, colour by number and engraving sets that the older children all like. One of the best party bags was a joke book the older boys really loved that. Girls have loved scented candles and bath bombs the most.

If you are wanting a simple solution to your party bags, we now have an online shop with pre filled party bags for every age. My absolute Golden Rule is that the party bag should be right for both the age of the child and the gender, so if you are making these yourself it can be tiresome to think of something for everyone. So we know provide filled party bags and you can simply select which bag you want. To see the selection available [x_button shape=”square” size=”mini” float=”none” href=”!/Party-Bags/c/15414015/offset=0&sort=normal” info=”none” info_place=”top” info_trigger=”hover”]Click Here[/x_button]

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