An Easy Way To Help Toddlers Read

I don’t know how you feel about reciting nursery rhymes to your toddler, but to me it was fun to singalong but pretty meaningless.

It’s just something you do to keep your child entertained, particularly on long car journeys , or when you need to keep your baby quiet for a time.


That was until I discovered all the hidden benefits to singing those simple ditty’s!

Rhythm and Rhyme Help Language Development

nursery rhymesThe rhythm and rhyme in the simple songs help your baby learn the pattern of language before they can speak. The repetition of the rhyme help with cognitive skills, the words and the tunes help your baby learn to memorise, a skill definitely needed to learn to read!

The rhymes help with early storytelling and early counting. Rhymes like Baa, baa, black sheep and one, two, three, four, five once I caught a fish alive use the rhythm and music to aid basic learning.

Social Interaction
The social interaction with you will build bonds that will be there for the years to come, watching you form the repetitive words help your child make sense of how to form sounds before they have learnt to speak.

Physical Actions
Physical action rhymes like, incy wincy spider and head, shoulders, knees and toes help your baby practice their motor skills, crucial for their development.
The rhymes past down from generation to generation really do help your child and most of all they are fun!!

How many do you remember? To help you along we have a quick cheat sheet of some favourites

Click Here to Download our Handy Guide of Nursery Rhyme Favourites

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