Who decides who will attend your child’s party?

kids party

happy birthday partyIs it the adult or the child?

My guess is that until your child has firm favourite friends the parent of the child will decide if they are going to attend a party.

So if it is the parent you need to make it really easy for the parent to want to bring their child to the party.


Because everyone wants their child to have guests at their party.

I think the trick is to have a little think about the adults. I can guarantee no one willingly wants to go to a swimming party, strip off in front of all the other mums at school and go in the water with their child. No –one. I would give this party a wide bearth until they are older.

The village hall party is just as full of pitfalls. Who has the pleasure of going? My husband and I would draw lots and I would always lose when it was cold and it was dark outside. God forbid he wasn’t around and I had to take my other child with me. Have you ever had to negotiate with a two year old that no, they aren’t invited, and no they cannot join in, and no they cannot eat when everyone else is.

I can also assure you of this. Keep the parents happy at a party and the party goes well. If you feel the pressure of a group of adults dying to leave, looking at their watches every two minutes willing the purgatory to end I can guarantee you will not enjoy it.

And worst of all you will miss out on your child really enjoying themselves.

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