Kidzplay has become a full leisure club for children

multi sportsVisiting Kidzplay now comes with a full 7 day a week, before and after school Kidzercize class programme that covers everything your child needs for school. From learning colours to participating in physical sports, to role play to arts and crafts there is a Kidzercize class every day for your child.
We also have social events and coffee mornings. You can visit all the Kidzplay centres for free too.
It is an all encompassing programme for you and your child to enjoy and know they are getting the best start in life.

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How it works

Kidzercize logo colourWith one weekly fee you can visit any Kidzplay centre, participate in any class, come to social occasions and join in coffee mornings. We are offering a full range of classes that cover the lingual, physical, numeracy, social and cognitive needs of your child. From soccer to dance, art, baking and singing there really will be a session to suit your child.

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Bookable Kidzercize Classes

reach for the starsThe bookable classes have a syllabus and will take your child through the core skills needed to complete the activity. They will start with full parent participation through to encouraging independence where you can leave them to enjoy the class whilst you enjoy the Kidzplay facilities or have the opportunity to participate in a class with a younger child.

The classes run throughout the year

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The Kidzercize Classes

are classes are run by the best in class children’s activity providers in the area. We have different classes per venue, however we cover:

Football, Sports, Dance, Ballet, Arts and Crafts, Music, Language and Gym

Book Classes Online

There is no need to phone or catch a class leader to book into a class. The class booking system is available 24/7 everyday of the week and classes can be booked from your phone! Once you sign up to the membership, you have access to book into any class you want. You don’t have to only book into one centre, you can expand your social circle for your child by attending classes at different centres too.

We are at hand too from 10am till 5pm at every Kidzplay if you need any help to book into a class.

Or you can simply arrive at the centre and join in any class that is on as long as it isn’t fully booked.

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How the membership works

It is really simple. Choose the level of membership you want and this is set up for as long as you want the membership for. It is a real set up once and forget about it. The Kidzplay Membership payment is taken every week (or month depending on which one you choose) from your credit card or bank account. Once you want to cancel, just go to the account area and complete the cancellation form. The membership is cancelledwithin 7 working days. There are no catches, no sign up periods or anything you can simply cancel when you no longer need the membership. Any classes you have booked in the future will be cancelled at that point too.

Memberships Available

We have weekly and monthly membrships available, ranging from one class, one visit to the Ultimate Membership of attend any class and visit any Kidzplay anywhere in the country as often as you want.

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