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Soccer kidz

Soccerkidz Classes

Soccerkidz will help your little ones become the stars you know they are
Our coaches will provide an introduction to football and create an environment to have fun, learn and make new friends. Your child will develop key motor skills, speech, numeracy and Colour identification.

Soccerkidz Beginner Blue Level – What your Child Will Achieve:

The class will be all parent participation and introduce your child to a class environment. Basic colour and number identification, learning the six core early years soccer moves. Book in now and join the footy fun

Soccerkidz Intermediate Class – What your Child Will Achieve

Will develop and enhance the skills learnt from the intro class. Along with expanding the colour and number work basic problem solving will be introduced. Ball skills will be moved on to combinations of the core moves, dealing with a moving ball, passing, receiving and shooting at goal. There will be a small emphasis on working away from grown up helpers as the weeks progress.

Soccerkidz Advanced class – What Your Child Will Achieve

Will involve a little adult participation. Class’s will predominantly be based around ball mastery both in the air and on the ground. Soccerkidz will be encouraged to work independently, in pairs and as a team. Literacy and numeracy will be tested with more complex problem solving

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To book this class simply go the book classes page, filter by the location you would like and the class. You will then see the classes available. Click into the class you require, login and reserve your space.
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Don’t see the class at the time you would like? – We change the timetables every half term so please complete the request a class form and we can see if others what the class at that time too.
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